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Growth Stage Entrepreneur Resource Center

Congratulations, you’ve made it past the first summit. You successfully launched your startup, creating a business that attracts customers, found market share, and continues to grow. So now you’re ready to scale that next peak as a growth stage entrepreneur.

We’ve curated a list of resources to help you navigate the unique challenges that come with the terrain, from hiring and funding to leadership competencies and advisors. Plus, find some inspiring stories and lessons from entrepreneurs who forged a path beyond the growth stage.

In the Growth Stage Entrepreneur Resource Center, you’ll find:

Sales and marketing

Stop talking about sales. Create a revenue strategy. [Vistage]

5 ways to focus on the customer to grow your business [Vistage]

How to scale your sales team quickly [HBR]

9 sales KPI every sales team should be tracking [Salesforce]

Why your company needs CRM — and 4 ways it will boost your sales & marketing [Vistage]


Why hiring is personal for CEOs and founders [Vistage webinar on-demand]

Expert roundtable on hiring and retaining hourly workers [Vistage webinar on-demand]

How small business owners successfully navigate HR {SHRM]

The CEOs guide to competing through HR [McKinsey]

To build a DEI program that works you need metrics [HBR]



8 growth stage resources every diverse entrepreneur should know [Vistage]

Predictive analysis for your business: Cash-flow forecasting [Vistage] 

Are your financial statements accurate? 3 Reasons to understand basic accounting [Vistage]

Managing cash flow in a rapidly growing business [Growthforce]  

SPACs: What you need to know [HBR]

5 tips for pitching your startup business to investors [Kellogg Insight]

What startup investors can expect at every financial stage [Forbes]


Advisors (Social capital or networks) 

Why every CEO needs a peer group [Vistage]

The role of cognitive diversity in decision-making [Vistage]

A first-time CEO’s guide to choosing board members [Medium] 

Top entrepreneur tips for selecting your business’ board members [Forbes]

CEOs need mentors too [HBR]

Leadership skills 

First-time CEO survival guide [Vistage]

7 roles of a new CEO [Vistage]

Use delegation to build trust [Money Inc.]

How to stay focused as a new CEO [Vistage]

Using a growth mindset to beat imposter syndrome [Vistage]


Partners to help

1863 Ventures

Latino Leadership Institute

Founders First



Hispanic Contractors of Colorado


Venture for America

Lessons and inspiration from Vistage members

Learn how these Vistage CEO members navigated some of the challenges you face today.

Navigating the Growth StageChrissy Lavdovsky

GLDN CEO Chrissy Lavdovsky hit $10 million in revenue in just 5 years. But this trajectory was not sustainable in her eyes. Learn how this Vistage member changed her approach to talent, processes and her own leadership to navigate to the next stage. 

A Life of Climb Podcast: Ryan Hogan

In this episode of Vistage’s “A Life of Climb” podcast, Hunt A Killer CEO Ryan Hogan shares how he deals with the challenges of managing explosive growth and going from a good idea to a sustainable business.

A Life of Climb Podcast: Ethan KarpEthan Karp

In this episode, MAGNET CEO Ethan Karp discusses his company and how it mobilized thousands of manufacturers to answer the call for PPEs in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020. 

Weathering the Mountain StormLyndie Hill with son Leo

Hoodoo Adventures CEO Lyndie Hill watched her outdoor adventure business evaporate overnight during the pandemic. By thinking outside the box, her business has more than weathered the storm, it has thrived.

Stephen Broomes, CEO & Founder of Accolade Consultants

After 23 years as a doctor, Stephen Broomes wanted a different challenge. Combining his medical industry knowledge and love for technology, he stepped out of his comfort zone and into a new world as CEO.

All Fired UpOoni Darina Garland Kristian Tapaninho

When Kristian Tapaninaho could not buy the perfect pizza oven, he and wife Darina Garland designed their own. Today, these two Vistage members have revolutionized the way we cook pizzas at home while prioritizing culture, salaries, and contributing to social and environmental issues.

Leaders of the PackJeff Berkley

Learn how the Berkleys formed an award-winning business that grew to $20 million in just five years while forging a new dynamic and relationships within the family.  

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