What Is the Climb?

Endless. Limitless. The Journey of a Vistage leader is life-long.

The journey to true leadership isn’t easy. Like climbing Denali, K2 or Everest, it’s the challenge of a lifetime. It’s for those with enough grit and commitment to do what only a few can do.

While each CEO’s journey up the mountain is their own…They don’t have to do it alone. 

While your next leadership peak is yours to define, our process helps you get there.

Vistage knows this climb.


CEOs Living a Life of Climb

These CEOs know what it takes to Live a Life of Climb. Explore their stories.

Robby Shaul

President of PMMC

When PMMC President Robby Shaul joined his father’s healthcare financial software and consulting firm, he knew he wanted to take the business to the next level. Like his father did years before, he joined a Vistage CEO Peer advisory group and suddenly had a whole team of peers and an executive mentor to lean into for guidance, questions, input and advice.

Stephen Broomes

Founder & CEO, Accolade Consultants

After 23 years as a doctor, Stephen Broomes wanted a different kind of challenge. Combining his medical industry knowledge and love for technology, he stepped out of his comfort zone and into a new world as CEO. Here’s how.

Christine Dunbar

President, ROC Implementation & Management Group, Inc.

After some big challenges in 2019, Christine didn’t want to journey alone anymore. “I knew that in order to take my company to the next level, I needed my own advisors. That’s when I joined Vistage.”

Lyndie Hill

CEO, Hoodoo Adventures

Lyndie Hill founded an adventure tourism business in her hometown — and grew it to be the largest regionally. After natural disasters destroyed the company’s peak season, Hill leaned into her Vistage peer advisory group to re-envision the business and to power forward.

Jessica Meyer

President & Owner, JEM Group

Jessica Meyers worked her way up to become a CEO in the male-dominated construction industry. She then joined a Vistage group to move her business forward.

Landon Hobson

CEO, Cosmos

In 2018, Landon Hobson’s in-laws asked him to help take their third-generation pet products business to the next level. He hadn’t considered running a company before and joined a Vistage peer advisory group to get his bearings.

Joseph Kenner

CEO, Greyston

When Joseph Kenner took the reins as Greyston CEO, he faced big challenges. With Vistage peers and resources to draw from, he sharpened its mission, hired a new team — and cleared the way for Open Hiring® to take flight.

Vassar Byrd

CEO, Rose Villa Inc.

Vassar Byrd had the vision to create an elder living facility different than anything she had seen. Her Vistage group helped her think through decisions, vet ideas, and gain her footing. Today Rose Villa is a nationally known, state-of-the-art community with several net-zero energy neighborhoods and in the final phase of a $166M expansion. Vassar’s staff is fully empowered, allowing her to focus on the big vision — to grow and evolve.

Darren James

President, KAI Enterprises

With 400 full-time employees and about Darren James leveraged several leadership roles to affect economic and social change in his community. When he was introduced to his peer group and CEO coach in 2015, he knew it was exactly the kind of support he needed to take his company to the next level.

Jeff Van Pevenage

President & CEO of Columbia Grain

In the last two years, Columbia Grain has grown by almost 200 people and acquired over $300 million in assets. Van Pevenage says, “Vistage has easily been a 10-times earner for us over investment.”

Caryn G. Mathes

President and general manager, Puget Sound Public Radio KUOW

As a public media CEO for 37 years, Caryn always strives to be a better leader. She seeks the perspectives and experience of her CEO peers when making decisions to move her public media company forward.

JC Maldonado

CEO, BizGro Partners

While pursuing a law degree by night, JC Maldonado founded a mergers and acquisition company by day. Now, BizGro Partners is at $240M in annual revenue with 1,200+ employees and a market value upwards of $350M. JC joined Vistage in 2019 because he wanted to be around other entrepreneurs, partner with them and learn from them.

Braydan Shaw

6th Generation Owner, Burns 1876

Braydan Shaw is the 6th generation owner and president of Burns 1876, a 146-year-old western retail and manufacturing company — the longest-running family-owned business in the industry. With all that responsibility comes some unique challenges and Shaw is not about to let anything slip on his watch. In a family business like his, Braydan points out that it’s easy to have blinders on and to continue doing things the way they’ve always been done — which is one of the reasons he joined Vistage.

Michael Russell

Chief Executive Officer, H.J. Russell & Company

Michael’s father, Herman, founded H. J. Russell & Company over 50 years ago as a plastering business. The company grew into the nation’s largest African American-owned construction-services company — defining the Atlanta skyline with iconic structures including the Olympic Stadium, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, and the Georgia World Congress Center.
Learn how Vistage helped Michael achieve some tremendous goals in continuing a legacy.

Ryan Hogan

CEO, Hunt a Killer

Hogan, the CEO and co-founder of Hunt a Killer, has used great stories to grow revenues at his company from $132,000 in 2016 to more than $27 million in 2019. This year, revenues are on track to exceed $50 million.

Mike Rydin

Founder & CEO | HCSS

With 400 full-time employees and about 4,000 contractors across North America, HCSS plays a critical role in helping to build the backbone of this country. The company surpassed $100 million in annual revenue in 2020 and continues to grow, expand and thrive.

Shaun Castillo

President, Preferred Technologies

A West Point graduate, Shaun Castillo exited the Army in 2005 with no formal business education but with a strong desire to start a company with his dad, an entrepreneur. They founded Preferred Technologies, a security integration company. Learn how Castillo formed “instant trust” with his group of peers and learned how to openly discuss his weaknesses and ask for help.

Chairs Leading Your Life of Climb

Over 550 Chairs across the United States bring their own experience as individuals, hand-selected and rigorously trained using Vistage’s proven peer advisory process. These Chairs know what it takes to lead other CEOs on their life of climb. Explore their stories.

Robin Stanaland

Houston, Texas
Vistage Chair since 2006

Robin spent years leading companies, but nothing was more rewarding than guiding CEOs to their highest peaks.

Peter Schwartz

Washington D.C
Vistage Chair since 2005

Over 15 years of guiding CEOs, Peter has seen normal people accomplish the exceptional. The triumph of spirit over circumstance.

Guillermo Hysaw

Irvine, California 
Vistage Chair since 2017

Guiding CEOs is a calling that found Guillermo; it’s the culmination of his life experience.

Mark Taylor

New York, New York
Vistage Chair since 2009

Mark’s job as a CEO coach is not to be the smartest guy in the room. It’s to facilitate the wisdom in the group to help CEOs succeed and grow together

How to Live a Life of climb

This leadership path has been traveled by 100,000+ top performing business leaders for more than 65 years. It requires a daily climb, constant rigor and a commitment to growth. But the journey is well worth the effort, for it will bring you to peaks you never thought possible. 

Your Vistage peer group climbs with you. Once a month, you meet to work through challenges and opportunities with 12-16 high-caliber executives from non-competing organizations.
Experienced Chairs help guide your ascent. An executive mentor (Chair) guides group discussions using a proven framework for processing issues and keeping discussions focused.
Access a global network of 24,000 fellow leaders also on the climb. Engage with other executives in our networks. Share their experience and give you confidence in your daily decisions.
Your CEO group will help you solve challenges and move forward. Diverse perspectives will inform you, so you can see the landscape and make the best decision.
Vistage research provides actionable intel about the climate. Our speakers & experts inspire new perspectives.
Our beliefs will be your compass. Know exactly where you’re going on your leadership journey, wherever you are on your path.
Gain new perspectives and get massive results. The leader’s journey up the mountain creates a new perspective that inspires the right actions, to create massive results.

The journey to true leadership isn’t easy, it’s the challenge of a lifetime. It’s for those few with enough grit and commitment to climb outside their comfort zone. While each CEO’s journey up the mountain is their own...They don’t have to do it alone.

Time to up your game and perform at your peak with the 7 laws of leadership in this PDF guide.

  1. Time-tested truths that make good leaders exceptional
  2. Attributes that accelerate growth and success
  3. Common leadership pitfalls to avoid
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