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Mindset 2.0: Making hard things easier

Tough choices. Painful realities.

What if there were ways to make these and some of the other, most daunting challenges of leading and living a bit easier?

After more than a decade of working with Vistage leaders around the world to share insights and practices related to the concept of Growth Mindset, Vistage Lifetime Achievement Award winner Dr. Eve Meceda has expanded her focus to encompass some of the most important additional skills necessary for succeeding in work and in life.

With her signature combination of deep research expertise and intensely practical, application-focused delivery, Dr. Meceda is launching a new program in 2023, available exclusively to Vistage groups who have previously experienced her original Mindset session (“Mindset Changes Everything: The Art + Science of Success in Business and in Life”). This webinar gives you a taste of what to expect.

About the presenter 

Dr Eve Meceda Sept 2022 headshotDr. Eve Meceda is a research psychologist, author, consultant, and award-winning speaker, including the Vistage Lifetime Achievement Award and the Speaker of the Year Award. Her work with clients has taken her to virtually every corner of the world, and in the course of delivering more than 1,400 speaking engagements over the years, she has had the privilege of working with organizations in 18 countries (and counting) on all continents except Antarctica. When she’s not on the road working with clients, Dr. Meceda lives and works in the beautiful Denver, Colorado area.

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