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Making inclusion a part of your organization’s culture

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Watch this discussion about the tactical methods leadership can employ to help infuse inclusion into their company culture — with a focus on the intangible actions that are critical to achieve an inclusive organization.

The webinar will challenge participants to begin to self-assess and focus on the empathy, humility and vulnerability needed to create and sustain an inclusive environment. Reflect on topics such as inequity and privilege and how they are counterproductive to creating an inclusive environment.

One of the many takeaways for participants will be the understanding that infusing inclusion into an organization rests at the feet of all employees, not just leaders and HR practitioners.

About the presenters

Ammara Abedi is an Organizational Psychologist by education, who has successfully helped various government and private sector agencies, including Houston and Chicago Police Departments, Gartner, Habitat for Humanity and others with their organizational development needs. Ammara is also a certified learning and leadership development professional, who was brought on to coach and develop high-potential leaders at Shell Oil. Ammara’s career with Insperity began in 2018 as a training and coaching consultant for Insperity’s sales teams across the country. Ammara now manages Insperity’s thought leadership initiatives to promote their marketing message to the small and medium-sized companies in the community.


Amy Flynn is a Human Resources Specialist with Insperity and helps many small businesses to grow and reach their goals. Her position at Insperity offers her the opportunity to advise senior leadership of diverse clients on many issues pertaining to their people. Her passions, interests and experience lie in the areas of diversity and inclusion in the workplace as well as with overall team and career development. Amy was instrumental in the development of diversity initiatives at Boston College and also taught courses for over ten years at Boston College with a focus on Professional Development.


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